BCBG Bad Clothes From Better Garments

Hi Pia!
First, I elect to thank you for reading!
Although I agree with u in the style aspect (finding the can look for less hermes birkin kelly always Hermes Birkin feels great, especially on a budget!), BCBG has always known to be its own brand with THIER OWN DESIGNS. Trend following is necessary in fashion, as it keeps the masses looking uniform (to a degree). My dish here is regarding these the DIRECT COPYING is hermes 2011 a hugely no-no. For example, regarding these 'Missoni dress- If you pulled regarding these for a client to clothe themselves in to a party, all she would hear all night, 'is regarding these Missoni? and when she says 'no,… vehicle telephone her feel good, rather embarrassed, because she knows she's wearing a 'fake.I'm all about follow the trends, and rocking the 'look for less, but I don't believe in wearing a knockoff. This post was to buy hermes birkin show how I noticed BCBG adding their label in some man else's clothes,taking the credit designs, and making profit.

Again, thank you for glowing to my site, and commenting! I welcome more of it!